We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions to learn more about the scouting process. Please click on the question to display its answer. If you have any additional questions, please contact us and one of our leaders will get back with you as soon as possible.

What is a Pack and a Den?

Every Cub Scout is a member of a Cub Scout pack. A pack is a large group of boys.

The pack is divided into smaller groups called dens. Each den has about six to eight boys. All of the Cub Scouts in a den are about the same age and live in the same neighborhood.

The Cub Scout pack belongs to a church, a school, or some other group of people in your community or neighborhood. This group makes sure your pack has good adult leaders, a place to meet, and exciting things to do. The group gets help from the Boy Scouts of America, which is part of Scouting around the world.

What are some of the things Cub Scouts do and places they go?

There are lots to do as a Cub Scout—crafts, games, sports, songs, stories, and puzzles, to name a few things. Much of the fun happens right in the den and pack. The den usually meets every week, and the pack meets once a month all year long. At den meetings and pack meetings, Cub Scouts do different things for fun and learning.

Cub Scouts also go to events like the annual blue and gold banquet, field contests, and derbies such as the pinewood derby. They go on field trips. They go camping and have other kinds of outdoor adventures. They take part in community events. Whatever it is that you enjoy, you’ll have a chance to do it in Cub Scouting.

Why do Cub Scouts need to wear a uniform?

Scout uniforms are an important part of the Boy Scouts of America program and one of the methods of scouting. Each boy gets to be part of a group demonstrated by their uniform and each group has a personal sense of identity. The scout uniform is also a display case for a scout’s individual accomplishments and recognitions. We wear the uniform to associate ourselves with the principles to which we are committed – character development, citizenship training, and physical and mental fitness. The uniform is not intended to hide our individuality, but it is a way we give each other strength and support.

By wearing your uniform, you show others that you are a member of Cub Scouting. You also remind yourself to live up to Cub Scouting’s ideals and the promise you have made. The official uniform also gives you a place to display the awards and emblems that show your personal achievements and those of your den and pack.

How do the Cub Scouts earn awards?

While you’re having fun, you’ll also be earning badges and awards. You’ll work on projects with your parents or other adults in your family, and all of you will feel good about the things you accomplish. When you have earned a badge, you and an adult member of your family take part in a ceremony. The badge is given to the adult, and he or she then gives it to you in front of the whole pack. This is a way of saying “thank you” to your family for their help in earning your award.

The most popular awards for Cub Scouts are the advancement awards. Boys do requirements to advance and earn their badges of rank: Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and the Arrow of Light Award. The Arrow of Light is the highest award in Cub Scouting. Webelos Scouts also earn activity badges.

The Cub Scout Academics and Sports program is popular, too. Cub Scouts get to learn about favorite subjects such as art, math, science, and citizenship. Or they play individual and team sports such as archery, gymnastics, skating, or soccer. You don’t need to be a star athlete to play Cub Scout Sports. You’re a winner when you do your best.

Cub Scouts can earn many other awards and medals too, sometimes by themselves and sometimes as members of their pack. They can earn or help their pack earn Quality Unit awards, religious emblems, the Emergency Preparedness Award, the Outdoor Activity Award, or the World Conservation Award.

When you earn an award in Cub Scouting, you learn new skills. You also get to use your new skills and your new knowledge in projects and demonstrations. You show what you know. People get to see what you’ve learned as a Cub Scout.

What are the major advancement milestones for Cub Scout?

Recognition is important to young boys. The Cub Scouting advancement plan provides fun for the boys, gives them a sense of personal achievement as they earn badges, and strengthens family understanding as adult family members work with boys on advancement projects.

Each boy works on an age-appropriate rank badge by fulfilling different requirements that consist of new and fun learning experiences. Each scout earns the Bobcat badge, which involves the basics of being a Cub Scout. The following are the grades of Cub Scouts and the rank they work towards:

First grade – Tiger rank

Second grade – Wolf rank

Third grade – Bear rank

Fourth grade – Webelos

Fifth grade – work for the highest award in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light. This final year helps prepare the boys for a transition to Boy Scouts.

What is Spring Family Camp?

Spring Family Camp is a Pack Campout normally held at a regular public campsite (pre-booked). Events are generally informal at this camp out which gives the Dens opportunities to work on their Requirements or awards. All Family and Friends are welcome!

Where: Location varies per year
When: April/May time
Duration: 2/3 Nights

What is Summer Day Camp?

Summer day Camp is an official BSA Cub scout Day camp held at Heard Scout Pueblo camp in Phoenix (South Mountain). It is a very popular event and can sell out quickly, especially for the more popular days that include a Saturday. As this is a Day Camp, there is no overnight camping, you must travel to day camp each day.

There is a wide range of events planned to help all ranks work towards their achievements, requirements and electives. Sign up for Day Camp is done through the Grand Canyon Council Web site.

Summer day camp is a popular event as it is one of the only ways that your cub scout can earn the Archery or BB-Gun belt Loops.

You also must attend a day camp in order to earn the Outdoor Activity Award.

Where: Heard Scout Pueblo
When: June time
Duration: 3 days

What is Fall Family Camp?

Fall Family Camp is a Pack Campout normally held at an official scout camp site, although this cannot be counted as an official scout resident camp. Events are organized and more formal and help cub scouts work towards their Requirements or awards.
All Family and Friends are welcome, although this campout is very popular and space can be limited.

Where: Location varies per year
When: October time
Duration: 2 Nights

What is Winter Day Camp?

Winter day Camp is similar to Summer day camp but with only one set of dates available. It is an official BSA Cub scout Day camp held at Heard Scout Pueblo camp in Phoenix (South Mountain). As this is a Day Camp, there is no overnight camping, you must travel to day camp each day.

There is a wide range of events planned to help all ranks work towards their achievements, requirements and electives. Sign up for Day Camp is done through the Grand Canyon Council Web site. Winter day camp may offer Archery or BB-Gun belt Loops, please check the agenda during registration.

You also must attend a day camp in order to earn the Outdoor Activity Award.

Where: Heard Scout Pueblo
When: End of December time
Duration: 3 days

What is Blue and Gold?

Blue and Gold is also known as Blue and Gold Banquet or Blue and Gold Dinner.
It is a significant Pack run event because it is a Birthday party for Cub Scouting in which all pack families can take part. The banquet is held in February, the anniversary month of the Boy Scouts of America. The pack’s big celebration gets its name from the Cub Scout colors, Blue and Gold.

Blue and gold features a banquet which can be any kind of food or meal. A picnic, a meal at a restaraunt, a Pot Luck, this is a decison of the Pack. The pack may also hold competitions and events as part of Blue and Gold.

Blue and Gold is also the February Pack Meeting.

References: A birthday dinner for Scouting held by Cub Scout packs in February to celebrate the founding of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910 and of Cub Scouting in 1930. May be called “blue and gold dinner.”

For more Information Click here.

Where: Pack Meeting Location
When: February time
Duration: 3-4 Hours

What is Scout-O-Rama?

Scout-O-Rama is the annual Scouting festival open to the public, which allows scouts to demostrate their skills, talents and spirit to the general Public.

The event is made up of many activities and booths setup and run by Packs and Troops throughout Arizona, which provides the opportunity for Cub Scouts to earn Belt Loops and Pins, and Boy Scouts to work towards Merit Badges.

Thousands of people will attend Scout-O-Rama with special events, food and drink and a great family atmosphere.

Tickets to this event are sold by Packs and Troops around 1 month before the event. A percentage of the proceeds goes back to the Pack, and the scouts earn prizes for the number of tickets they sell.

For more Information Click here.

Where: Location varies by year
When: April time
Duration: All Day Event

What is Pinewood Derby?

Pinewood Derby is the Packs most popular event of the year. It is a racing event for Cub Scouts only, where cub scouts have to make their own race cars from an official kit containing a block of pine, plastic wheels and four metal axles.

The race track is a professional 6 lane aluminum track with computerised timing. All Cars are raced once on all tracks to ensure fairness of timings as lanes can vary.

A software application called Derby Master is used to log, manage and compute race results. Winners are chosen by rank and from the best average time of all races.

There are strict rules regarding the construction of the car to ensure that all cars follow the same specifications. There are thousands of designs, tips, tricks and best practices that can be found in Books or on the Internet.

Pinewood Derby is also the January Pack Meeting.

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Where: Pack Meeting Location
When: January time
Duration: 5-6 Hours

What is Advancement?

Advancement is when the Cub Scout advances to his rank for that year. Only if the Cub Scout has completed all the Achievements for that year, is he awarded with the Rank and the patch which is displayed on the uniform along side all other rank awards. (See uniform Patch Placement)

Advancement normally occurs around March/April time, so cub scouts have approximately 7 months (Sep-Mar) to complete all the Achievements for that year.

Only after the cub scout has advanced to his current year rank, can he earn arrow points to supplement his award. He can only earn arrow points up to when he Graduates to the next cub scout level.

What is Graduation?

Graduation is when the Cub Scout graduates to the next Cub Scout Year. Graduation involves a ceremony where the neckerchief is tied in a knot to signify closure of that year. The cub scout is presented with the next years neckerchief, and at that time they have then graduated to the next year.

Here are the Graduation Paths in Cub Scouts:

New Scouts Graduate to Bobcats

Bobcats Graduate to whatever year they are in

Tigers Graduate to Wolfs

Wolfs Graduate to Bears

Bears Graduate to Webelos I

Webelos I Graduation to Webelos II

Webelos II crossover to Boy Scouts.

What is Arrow of Light?

The Arrow of Light is an award that can only be earned by a Webelos and is the highest award in Cub Scouts that can be achieved.

Many of the requirements for the Arrow of Light are intended for the Webelos to join Boy Scouts and begin integration into the Troop which he will crossover to.

The Arrow of Light also prepares the Webelos for earning the first rank in Boy Scouts which is the Scout Badge.

There are many requirements that must be completed to earn the Arrow of Light, including participating in several Boy Scout Troop events.

The Webelos will also receive an Arrow mounted on a plaque – from their parents, to signify their achievement. The Arrow is decorated to show the Cub Scout path taken to get to Boy Scouts. Click here to learn the meaning of the Arrow and Colors.

What is Crossover?

Crossover is when a Webelos II completes his Cub Scout Journey and crosses over to Boy Scouts. This is a very significant event for the Cub Scout and his family as it completes one scouting journey and begins another.

Crossover is a special cermony that is usual combined with Graduation for Cub Scouts. The Boy scout Troop that the Webelos II is joining is part of the crossover ceremony. The Webelos II will cross a wooden bridge symbolizing the move from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

Crossover is usually combined with receiving the Arrow of Light.

The ceremony is much more involved than what is summarized here. It is recommended that all cub scouts watch the ceremony as it shows the final goal of cub scouts and the exciting move into Boy Scouts.

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